30 Day Website-Only Return Policy

If you ordered a Mycestro direct from us on www.mycestro.com and wish to return it for any reason within 30 days of the date of shipping, you may return it to us complete and undamaged with its original packaging. We will refund the full amount that you paid for the Mycestro, less original shipping costs.

If you wish to return your Mycestro, send an email to custsvc@mycestro.com. We will contact you shortly with the details of our return process.

NOTE: this return policy applies only to those who have purchased a Mycestro through this website. We are unable to accept returns of devices awarded through our Kickstarter campaign or bought from a distributor, reseller or other third party. If you bought your Mycestro through another channel and wish to return it, please contact directly the retailer that sold you your Mycestro.

Warranty and Repair Policy

Accidentally spilled coffee on your Mycestro? Co-worker rolled his chair over it? Or did it stop working for no obvious reason? All may not be lost.

Send an email to custsvc@mycestro.com and tell us what happened, and we will contact you. You may have to mail your Mycestro to us for evaluation.

If we determine that your Mycestro has failed due to a manufacturer defect within 90 days of shipping, we will repair or replace your Mycestro, at our option, for free. A copy of our warranty is available here.

If your Mycestro has been damaged and requires repairs not covered by warranty, we will send you an estimated cost for repairs or replacement. If you agree, we will get you a working Mycestro as quickly as possible.

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