One Mycestro with two dongles

Several of you have asked if they could use two dongles with one Mycestro. Jason put it best:

“Here was my idea with the extra dongle and you can probably confirm if this would work or not. I want to be able to use this primarily at work, and then occasionally when I am at home as well. Would the Mycestro have the capability to pair to more than one dongle?”

The answer is YES, the Mycestro can pair with multiple dongles, using the Mycestro Control App. Simply pair each dongle with the Mycestro in turn, as described in the Online User Guide. But remember, your Mycestro will randomly pick an active, paired dongle within range to work with. While the Mycestro’s official range is 30 feet, R&D has tested Mycestros with ranges over 70 feet! As a result, we do not recommend locating the Mycestro’s paired dongles closer than 100 feet of each other.

But what if many people want to use their Mycestros in the same room? Never fear, each Mycestro has a unique Bluetooth signature which ensures that it can talk only to its paired dongle(s). In our office we frequently have several Mycestros active in the same room without problem.

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