Mycestro-ing at 2 mph

Skip's standing desk and treadmill

Skip mycestros with a standing desk and treadmill

We have Mycestro customers who own standing desks; their Mycestros let them control their cursors while their arms hang comfortably at their sides. But we’re excited to have met Skip, who is our first known customer with a treadmill desk! Skip, a cancer survivor, has been focusing on living a healthier lifestyle. He made the desk himself by modifying a treadmill so that it would fit under a standing desk.

Skip says, “The Mycestro is an easy, hands-free option when I’m on the treadmill. I can browse my computer while walking 2 mph. The Mycestro makes this easier than any other option I’ve tried.”

Thank you for being a Mycestro customer, Skip. May you have many healthy, happy years ahead!

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