Note: the descriptions below are for the factory-default settings, which may be changed using the Mycestro Control App.

Wear Your Mycestro

How to Wear a Mycestro

Place the Mycestro on your finger (usually the forefinger, but some users prefer the middle finger) and bend the strap around your finger so that it fits snugly. Make sure your thumb can comfortably reach the entire width of the thumbpad.

Move the Cursor

Moving the Cursor with the Mycestro

To move the cursor, lightly touch any part of the thumbpad. As long as your thumb is making skin contact with the thumbpad, the cursor will follow your hand movement.

To get the hang of the Mycestro’s action, try sitting with your elbow resting on an armrest or desk and “drawing” small circles with your Mycestro. The Mycestro works up to 30 feet away from the device, so hold your arm in any comfortable position.

The faster you move your Mycestro, the further the cursor will travel. If you are having trouble getting the cursor to move across the entire screen, try “flicking” your hand (bending your wrist quickly).

Once you practice with your Mycestro, you’ll discover that you can control the cursor with tiny wrist movements.

Click Buttons

Mycestro button click

The Mycestro buttons on the thumbpad act exactly like the buttons on a traditional mouse. The left button is on the left of the thumbpad and the right button is to the right. These buttons can perform click, double-click, and click-and-drag functions.


Mycestro thumb swipe

A Mycestro thumb swipe should have the same effect as scrolling the wheel on a mouse.

To scroll, slide your thumb along the full width of the thumbpad. Sliding one way will scroll downward, while sliding in the other direction will scroll upward.

If you want to reverse the direction of the scroll, you can do so with the Mycestro Control App.

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