Know Your Mycestro

Anatomy of a Mycestro

The main parts of your Mycestro are the housing, the strap that wraps around your finger, and the thumbpad. The Mycestro also has a micro-B USB port used for charging, configuring and updating your Mycestro.

The thumbpad is visibly divided into three buttons: left, middle, and right.

Above the thumbpad are two LED lights, green and blue. These can shine steadily (“solid”), blink, or blink rapidly (“flutter”) to indicate the status of your Mycestro.

Charge Your Mycestro

Plug in your Mycestro

To charge your Mycestro, insert the micro-B plug of the USB cable into your Mycestro. Then insert the standard-A plug into an open USB port on your computer or into a compatible USB wall charger.

Your Mycestro should reach full charge in three hours, and should last for about two days of typical use.

When your Mycestro is charging, the blue LED will shine steadily. If your Mycestro has not been used for a while and has lost all charge, please allow up to 3 minutes after plugging your Mycestro in for the blue LED to shine steadily.

Connect Your Mycestro to a Device

Connect Mycestro to a Device

Note: The Mycestro works with any Windows, Mac OS, Apple OS X, or Linux operating system, and some Android devices as well.

Charge your Mycestro fully before first use. See “Charge Your Mycestro” above for more information.

Each Mycestro is factory-shipped already paired with its dongle. Simply plug the dongle into your desktop, laptop, notebook or other device that uses a supported operating system and wait a minute. Then touch the thumbpad: if the green LED flutters, you’re ready to go!

If the green LED flashes slowly, your Mycestro may need to be paired again with its dongle using the Mycestro Control App.

Maintain Your Mycestro

Clean the housing of your Mycestro and the inside of the strap by wiping with a damp, lint-free cloth.

When transporting your Mycestro, we recommend carrying it in its box or similar sturdy container to protect it.

Do not leave your Mycestro in direct sunlight or expose it to extreme heat, humidity, or freezing temperatures. This can damage your Mycestro.

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