Install the Mycestro Control App

Click here for the download links and installation instructions for the latest versions of the Mycestro Control App.

Overview of the Mycestro Control App

To launch the Mycestro Default settings and controls for the Mycestro can be found on the main tab of this application. If you are ever unsure of the settings chosen in the Advanced Settings tab, you can always revert to factory default settings with the apply defaults button on the main Settings tab. The settings on the Advanced Settings tab, such as cursor speed and scrolling speed can be adjusted to suit your preferences or particular use case. The options on the Input Mapping tab are disabled for beta version 0, but these will allow you to adjust the functions generated when performing button presses or touch panel tap-clicks on the Mycestro. For instance, the Mycestro settings can be adjusted so that key presses are sent to the PC when a particular button is clicked. Finally, the Updates and Diagnostics tab can be used to read diagnostic information from the Mycestro and apply firmware updates.

Updating the Firmware

Please note, this process has changed for version 1.1 of the Mycestro Control App! You no longer need to download the update package separately.

  1. Make sure your Mycestro and dongle are both plugged in. If you have only one USB port, first do the following steps with the Mycestro plugged in, and then repeat with the dongle. If you are not using the cable provided with your Mycestro, make sure it is a DATA charging cable or your changes will not be sent to the Mycestro.
  2. Make sure your computer has access to the Internet.
  3. Open the Mycestro Control App.
  4. Select the “Updates and Diagnostics” tab.
  5. Click the [Download and apply update steps to Mycestro] button.
  6. The Control App will go online to download the latest firmware patch in several update steps, and will finish with the message “Update finished successfully!”

Clearing the Pairing Table and Pairing Your Mycestro

You may need to clear the pairing table and pair your Mycestro and dongle again. Most often this happens if you buy a replacement dongle.

To clear the pairing table:

  1. Start the Mycestro Control App.
  2. Select the Settings tab. In the lower right section of the page, you should see “Dongle controls”.
  3. If the message No Dongles Connected appears, plug in your dongle into any open USB port.
  4. Click the button [Clear pairing table].

Synchronizing dongle and Mycestro

In order to pair your Mycestro with its dongle again, touch the thumbpad until the green LED blinks steadily and hold your Mycestro a maximum of four (4) inches from its dongle to allow them to pair; this should take only moments. Once the green LED starts blinking rapidly, the pairing is complete and your Mycestro should be ready to go!

If the green LED returns to a slow steady blink after a few seconds, this indicates that the pairing was unsuccessful. Again clear the pairing table and follow the steps above.

Using Dual Mycestros

For some advanced applications, you may want to use two Mycestros simultaneously, e.g. a left and a right. Follow these steps to connect two Mycestros to one dongle.

  1. Connect your first Mycestro to your computer via a USB cable.
  2. Open the Mycestro Control App and select the “Advanced Settings” tab.
  3. Click the [Designate as Mycestro 1] button located in the lower left section of the page labeled “Dual Mycestro Assignment”.
  4. Unplug your first Mycestro and connect your second Mycestro to your computer via a USB cable.
  5. Click the [Designate as Mycestro 2] button on the “Advanced Settings” tab.
  6. Select the “Settings” tab and click the [Clear pairing table] button in the lower right section of the page labeled “Dongle controls”.
  7. Finally, pair the two Mycestros to the dongle by touching the thumbpads on each Mycestro while holding them within four (4) inches of the dongle.

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