Mycestro Basics

How is the Mycestro different from a regular mouse?
The Mycestro is a wireless three-dimensional (3D) mouse, which means it has the ability to track hand motion in 3D space. Right out of the box, it can perform all the functions of a traditional computer mouse.

How does the Mycestro do a left/middle/right button click? How does the Mycestro do the scroll wheel?
The Mycestro has three buttons on its thumbpad, corresponding to the left, middle, and right buttons on a traditional mouse. The Mycestro scrolls when you slide your thumb along the thumbpad from side-to-side.

Is the Mycestro ergonomic? How should I hold my hand when using my Mycestro?
The Mycestro is ergonomic, in that you can hold your hand and arm in any position that is comfortable to you within range of your device. We’ve seen people using their Mycestros in all of the following positions:

  • Sitting down, forearm resting on the desk (the “classic mouse position”)
  • Elbow resting on the chair armrest
  • Both wrists on the keyboard, with minimal hand motion (best for typists who don’t want to leave the keyboard to mouse)
  • Arm hanging comfortably down while at a standing desk
  • Arm in the air while walking 2 mph on a treadmill desk

If you’ve come up with a unique way to use your Mycestro, please tell us about it!

What is the operating range of a Mycestro?
The Mycestro will work up to 30 feet (9.1 meters) from the Mycestro dongle, which is plugged into the USB port of the device under control.

How do I type while I’m wearing a Mycestro?
Go ahead and type; at only ½ ounce, the Mycestro will not interfere with your keyboarding. And because the Mycestro only reads your gestures when your thumb is touching the thumbpad, you can type without the cursor jumping all over the screen.

In fact, we find that fast typists prefer Mycestros over traditional mice. With a Mycestro, your hands don’t need to leave the typing position to move the cursor. We’ve been surprised to discover how much time we spent moving our right hands from mouse to keyboard and back again.

Does the Mycestro support a dual screen setup?
Yes, the Mycestro will work with computers configured for multiple monitors.

Will the Mycestro work in a low-light environment?
Yes, the Mycestro will work in the dark.

My co-worker has a Mycestro and I want to buy one, but our desks are right next to each other. Will this be a problem?
No problem. Each Mycestro pairs uniquely to its own dongle, so your Mycestros will not interfere with each other.

Mycestro Compatibility

What devices are supported?
Bluetooth Smart Ready logoYour Mycestro comes with a USB dongle that plugs into the device you wish to control. Devices which are labeled with the Bluetooth Smart Ready logo and have the HID over GATT profile should be compatible. We’ve seen the Mycestro work on some Android devices and some smart TVs, but we can’t promise that it will work on yours. See here for a list of Bluetooth Smart Ready devices.

What operating systems are supported?
The Mycestro works with any device that can accept its USB dongle and that runs:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
  • Apple OS X
  • Linux
  • Android

What software works with the Mycestro?
The Mycestro works with any software you would normally use on your device and control with a mouse.

Common Shopping Questions

What is your return policy? Does the Mycestro come with a warranty?
Please read our policies.

What do I do if I lose my dongle? Can I buy a second dongle, so I can leave one in my work PC and one in my home laptop?
Yes, you can buy a Mycestro dongle online.

To what countries do you ship Mycestros?
You can see on our checkout page which countries we currently ship to.

In the Shop, on the Additional Information tab, what’s the difference between the Weight and the Mycestro weight?
The Mycestro weight is the weight of just the Mycestro itself. The Weight is the shipping weight, which includes the padding and box necessary to protect your Mycestro in the mail.

Why do you distribute the Mycestro Control App in your store? Since it’s free, why not just provide a link?
We use the store checkout as our way of capturing your software registration information. As we make major updates to the Mycestro Control App, we will send a notice to the email address provided during checkout. The Mycestro Control App can be downloaded for free in our store.

Technical Details

If I forget to charge my Mycestro, will it work while plugged into the USB cable?
Yes, you can do this, though we find that the cable restricts the free motion of our hands and makes our Mycestros harder to use.

I have a USB cable at home with a standard A plug on one end and a micro B plug on the other. Can I use it with my Mycestro?
As long as it is a DATA charging cable, yes, you can. If it is only a charging cable, it will charge the Mycestro but it will not allow the Mycestro Control App to talk to the Mycestro.

Can the Mycestro battery be replaced?
The Mycestro uses a non-removable battery with leads that are soldered to the circuit board. If you need a new battery, you can contact us for repair.

I have a dongle from a wireless mouse. Can I use it with my Mycestro?
No, the Mycestro dongle is factory-programmed to work with the Mycestro. You cannot use the Mycestro dongle with other peripherals, and the Mycestro will not work with other dongles.

Can I change how responsive my Mycestro is? Can I change the scroll speed?
Yes, these paramaters can be changed using the Mycestro Control App, which can be downloaded for free in our store.

How many Mycestros can I use with one device?
You can use one or two Mycestros with one device through a single Mycestro dongle.

Can I configure the buttons on the Mycestro? Do you have a Software Development Kit for the Mycestro?
Not yet, but we’re working on it. You can Sign Up for Email by scrolling up to the right sidebar on this page and submitting your email address; you will then receive updates, including when new functionality or a devkit is released.

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