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Mycestro Wearable Mouse

“This is one of the coolest mice you will ever have the pleasure of using.”

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CES 2015: Mycestro

“Speciaal voor gebruik in krappe ruimtes zoals een vliegtuig of als geen plat oppervlak beschikbaar is.” – Rob Blaauboer
(Especially for use in tight spaces such as an airplane or if no flat surface is available.)
Будущее уже наступило: 12 полезных и странных гаджетов из интернет-магазинов

“При этом Mycestro может выполнять все функции обычной мыши: передвигать курсор, выделять фрагменты текста, играть и даже создавать 3D-модели.” – Anna Ermachenok
(Mycestro can perform all the functions of a standard mouse: move the cursor, highlight snippets of text, play and even create 3D-models.)

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Mycestro, una excelente alternativa al mouse tradicional de nuestra computadora

“Un dispositivo que podría ser el futuro del mouse de computadora se ha presentado con el nombre de Mycestro….”
(Mycestro, an excellent alternative to a traditional computer mouse: A device that could be the future of the computer mouse is presented with the name of Mycestro….)

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Holiday Gift Guide: 9 Techies A’Start-Upping

“Slip on the wireless Mycestro finger mouse and control your computer by waving your hand around.” – Holley Simmons, Holly J. Morris, Sadie Dingfelder and Vicky Hallett

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Innovative Devices Moves to Larger Space in Bedford Heights

“The device looks like something Tom Cruise could’ve worn during that scene in Minority Report where he’s flipping through electronic files by waving his hands.” – Chuck Soder

Wearable 3D Mouse, Mycestro: First Impression

A 46 second unboxing video from CNBC.

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2014 Geek Gadget Gift Guide: MYCESTRO

“Pronounced “maestro,” this odd device is a mouse you wear. That’s right — wear.” – Galen Gruman

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Mycestro Hands-On

“The first thing that struck me about the Mycestro was the design — weirdly futuristic, but not so much that it’s off-putting. It looks like something from a dystopian office setting, but somehow you still want to wrap it around your finger.” – Adario Strange

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Mycestro, il mouse da indossare sul dito

“Te lo infili al dito e quasi te ne dimentichi.” – Lorenzo Longhitano
(Slip it on your finger and almost forget it’s there.)

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Mycestro, the world’s first wearable wireless mouse, is now publically available

“As the only wireless mouse on the market that’s wearable, it’s going to be interesting to see what kind of impact this device has.” – Nicole Hyman
Minority Report un poco más cerca: Mycestro

“El Mycestro es ideal no solamente para entornos de trabajo en los cuales suframos de la falta de espacio para trabajar con un ratón, si no también para utilizarlo en presentaciones interactivas, mientras el ponente deambula por el auditorio, o en una aula, a distancia, mientras se está entre los alumnos.” – Guillem Alsina
(The Mycestro is ideal not only for work environments which suffer from the lack of space to work with a mouse, but also for use in interactive presentations while the speaker wanders through the audience, or in a classroom, at a distance, while being among students.)
Mycestro article

“このマウスを体験したら、もう普通のマウスには戻れないかもしれない。” (Once you experience this mouse, you might not go back to a regular mouse.)

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Mycestro review

This Japanese-language site does a detailed review of the Mycestro, including original pictures and short videos

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Alternative HMIs: 10 Unique Ways to Interact with Tech

“The future of the computer mouse as we know it, is at risk. Devices like the Mycestro are looking to deliver the same functionality in a more intuitive and less disruptive way than moving back and forth between mouse and keyboard.” – Cabe Atwell

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Mycestro, a 3D Mouse for the Next Generation

“The Mycestro is capable of all the functions of a regular mouse…” – Cabe Atwell

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Mycestro, the Wearable Finger Mouse

“What if you could move your mouse cursor by just slightly moving your hand? Consumer-level gesture control for your PC is growing ever closer.” – Michelle Starr

Mycestro is a Computer Mouse That You Put On Your Finger

“It connects to your computer via Bluetooth and has a range of up to thirty feet. Pretty impressive and extra useful, especially when you’re making presentations.” – Hazel Chua

Mycestro 3D Mouse Ring

“With Mycestro, simple hand movements remotely deliver all of the same mouse commands as a grounded device.” – Erin Carstens

Wired logoWired
Touch-Free Gestural Interfacing Becomes Real With This Fingermouse

“Mycestro is a user interface tool that enables gesture control without the arm-fatigue issues of Minority Report-style motion tracking.” – Nathan Hurst

The Mycestro: A 3D Thumb-Powered Mouse

“Leave it to a Kickstarter project to propose the first truly high-tech upgrade to the beloved mouse.” – Beth Buczynski

No More Mouse: Meet the Future of Computer’s Oldest Sidekick

“Setting up the Mycestro isn’t much harder than setting up a wireless mouse.” – Bryan Abrams

The Mycestro 3D Wearable Mouse

“The traditional mouse has its limitations when it comes to certain human-computer interface scenarios we find ourselves in these days: the cramped train commute, crowded coffee shop, and not forgetting the airplane fold down table that was the original inspiration for the Mycestro design.” – Donna Taylor

3D-Maus für den Zeigefinger

“Was die Mycestro trotzdem interessant macht, ist die Bedienbarkeit und ihre schlanke Größe.” (What makes the Mycestro interesting is the ease of use and its slim size.) – Jürgen Vielmeier

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Discovery Channel @Digital Video
(Mycestro segment starts @ 44 seconds)

“My favorite part is the ability to surf the web as if you’re conducting a symphony.” – Discovery Channel Canada

3D Mouse Ring Turns Fingers into Computer Controllers

“This gadget doesn’t need a flat surface to operate, instead this wearable piece of tech enables more intuitive interaction.” – Emma Hutchings

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Mycestro Is A 3D Mouse For Your Fingertips That You’ll Look Funny Using, But Who Cares?

“…Mycestro comes along and reminds us that this is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a 3D mouse that you strap to one of your fingers and it looks like it could become a huge asset for multi-tasking.” – Drew Olanoff

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